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Table 1 Psychometric properties of the HRQoL instrument for Chinese infertile couples

From: Development and validation of the health-related quality of life instrument for Chinese infertile couples: a mixed-methods study protocol

Measurement property Type Measure
Reliability Internal consistency Cronbach’s α
Test-rest Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) will be measured at baseline and at 2-week follow-up
Information function Information function of each item and domain calculated according to item response  theory (IRT)
Validity Content validity Item-level content validity index (I-CVI)/Scale-level content validity index (S-CVI)
Construct validity Explore factor analysis (EFA); Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA)
Convergent/discriminant validity Spearman correlation coefficients
Sensitivity/responsiveness Floor and ceiling effects; effect size (ES); standardized response mean (SRM); paired t test