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Table 5 Content comparison of assessment tools linked to the component of Activities and Participation of the ICF

From: Comparison of content and psychometric properties for assessment tools used for brain tumor patients: a scoping review

d1 Learning and applying knowledge          xxx 1
d110 Watching    x    x     2
d115 Listening       x     1
d160 Focusing attention       x     1
d163 Thinking       x     1
d166 Reading    x x   x   x   4
d175 Solving problems      x    x   2
d177 Making decisions         x   1
d2 General tasks and demands           
d220 Undertaking multiple tasks       x     1
d230 Carrying out daily routine    x       x 2
d240 Handling stress and other psychological demands         x   1
d3 Communication         x   1
d310 Communicating with receiving spoken messages      x      1
d315 Communicating with receiving nonverbal messages      x x     2
d320 Communicating with—receiving—formal sign language messages      x      1
d325 Communicating with—receiving—written messages      x      1
d330 Speaking     x x    x   3
d335 Producing nonverbal messages   x    x      2
d340 Lifting and carrying objects    x   x      2
d345 Writing messages      x    x   2
d350 Conversation     x       1
d4 Mobility    x        1
d410 Changing basic body position        x   x 2
d415 Maintaining a body position    x x     x   3
d420 Transferring oneself      xxx   x    2
d430 Lifting and carrying objects          xxx 1
d440 Fine hand use       x     1
d455 Hand and arm use       x     1
d450 Walking    x x x   xxx   xxx 5
d455 Moving around      x   xxx   xxx 3
d460 Moving around in different locations    x        1
d465 Moving around using equipment      x   x    2
d475 Driving         x   1
d5 Self-care xxx        x   2
d510 Washing oneself    x   x   x   x 4
d520 Caring for body parts      x   xxx x   3
d530 Toileting    x   x   x    3
d540 Dressing    x   x   x x x 5
d550 Eating    x   x   x x   4
d560 Drinking         x   1
d598 Self-care           0
d6 Domestic life    x       x 2
d620 Acquisition of goods and services      x      1
d7 Interpersonal interactions and relationships    x       x 2
d710 Basic interpersonal interactions      x      1
d720 Complex interpersonal interactions      x      1
d750 Informal social relationships          xxx 1
d760 Family relationships    x x     x x 4
d770 Intimate relationships         x   1
d8 Major life areas    x       x 2
d840 Apprenticeship (work preparation) xxx   x        2
d845 Acquiring, keeping and terminating a job xxx   x        2
d850 Remunerative employment xxx   x      x x 4
d855 Non-remunerative employment xxx   x        2
d870 Economic self-sufficiency    x        1
d9 Community, social and civic life    x       x 2
d910 Community life         x   1
d920 Recreation and leisure    x      x xxx 3
Total 6 1 23 6 21 9 10 19 16  
  1. x = 1 or 2 items included, xxx = 3 or more items included