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Table 1 Patients’ characteristics and clinical features (n = 280)

From: Menopausal symptoms in relationship to breast cancer-specific quality of life after adjuvant cytotoxic treatment in young breast cancer survivors

 No. of patients%
Age at time of breast cancer diagnosis
  ≤ 354215
Age at study entry
  ≤ 3582.9
  > 50238.6
 Tertiary and higher qualification4516.2
Marital Status
 Married Partner21677.1
Family income*
  < HK$5000279.6
  > HK$25,00010336.8
BMI at study entry (kg/m2) [25]
  < 18.5 (Underweight)113.9
 18.5–22.9 (Normal)12344.0
 23.0–24.9 (Overweight)6222.1
  > 25 (Obese)8430.0
Hormonal receptor
 ER positive20372.5
 PR positive18766.8
HER overexpression4716.8
Breast surgery:
Axillary nodal dissection27698.6
Adjuvant radiotherapy18666.4
Adjuvant chemotherapy regimen:
Adjuvant chemotherapy lasting longer than 64 days19168.2
Time since last adjuvant treatment**
 3 to < 5 years16057.1
 5 to < 10 years12042.9
Ever received adjuvant tamoxifen21476.4
On adjuvant tamoxifen at study entry11541.1
Adjuvant targeted therapy with trastuzumab82.9
Utilization of traditional Chinese medicine since diagnosis8329.6
Menopausal status at study entry
 Peri/Post- menopausal16860
  1. *HK$ = Hong Kong dollars; HK$1 is equivalent to US$ 0.128
  2. ** Only include chemotherapy/radiotherapy or trastuzumab