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Table 4 Association between physical activity and health-related quality of life by sex

From: Association of leisure and occupational physical activities and health-related quality of life: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

TotalLeisure timeJobTotalLeisure timeJob
 Physical Function0.11**0.10**0.030.14**0.05*0.12**
 Role Physical0.04*0.05*0.00.11**0.06**0.09**
 Bodily pain0.010.02−0.010.06**0.040.03
 General Health0.10**0.14**−0.010.10**0.05*0.05**
 Social Function0.*0.05*0.02
 Role Emotional0.**0.07**0.02
 Mental Health0.030.05*0.010.05**0.06**0.02
  1. Spearman correlation coefficients have been reported
  2. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01
  3. The significance level has been considered p < 0.05; hence as all bold numbers in the table are less than 0.05, all of them are significant" to "p < 0.05 are in bold