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Table 6 A list of reviews on quality of life in different nations/races (2008–2018)

From: Health-related quality of life in breast cancer patients: review of reviews from 2008 to 2018

Authors [References] Year Main focus Description/analysis No. of databases No. of included studies Performed QA Risk of bias assessment Result(s)
Russell et al. [84] 2008 QOL of African American and white survivors Review 4 26 qualitative and quantitative No No QOL was different in two groups. Overall global quality of life was favorable in both African American and white survivors
Delgado-Sanz et al. [85] 2011 QOL in Spanish BC patients Systematic review 8 25 Yes No Research into health-related quality of life of breast-cancer patients is a little developed
Yanez et al. [86] 2011 QOL among Latina breast cancer patients Systematic review 2 22 qualitative and quantitative No No Latina BCS on average experience worse QOL than non-Latina Whites
Deshpande et al. [87] 2013 QOL outcomes in Indian Review NA NA No No Clinical pharmacists may give the major support to Indian healthcare system in future
Mollica et al. [88] 2015 QOL in African American breast cancer survivors Integrative literature review 5 19 Yes No Researchers must focus on factors from a multi-domain perspective to truly understand the varied dimensions influencing QOL
Haddou Rahou et al. [89] 2016 QOL in Arab women Systematic review 5 13 qualitative and quantitative studies Yes No Good scores of global health were recorded at Arab women compared to other countries. There was a difference in QOL scores and its associated factors among Arab women from different nations
Ho et al. [90] 2018 QOL in Asian patients Systematic review 3 57 Yes No Patients with comorbidities and those treated with chemotherapy, with less social support and with more unmet needs, have poorer HRQOL
Bouya et al. [91] 2018 QOL of Iranian patients Systematic review and Meta-analysis 4 18 Yes No Moderate level of QOL in patients was indicated
  1. QA quality appraisal, NA not available, QOL quality of life, BCS breast cancer survivors