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Table 2 The result of exploratory factor analysis

From: The use of the Multidimensional Condom Attitude Scale in Chinese young adults

Reliability and effectiveness
1 Condoms are an effective method of birth control 0.824
2 The condom is a highly satisfactory form of contraception 0.880
3 I think condoms are an excellent means of contraception 0.695
4a Condoms are unreliable 0.692
5a Condoms do not offer reliable protection 0.547
Variance 12.67%
9 Condoms are a lot of fun 0.750
10a The use of a condom is an interruption of foreplay 0.796
6b The use of condoms can make sex more stimulating 0.382
Variance 4.32%
7a Condoms ruin the sex act 0.651
8a Condoms are uncomfortable for both partners 0.643
Variance 3.45%
Identity stigma
11a Men who suggest using a condom are really boring 0.660
12a If a couple is about to have sex and the man suggests using a condom, it is less likely that they will have sex 0.817
13a Women think men who use condoms are jerks 0.720
14a A woman who suggests using a condom does not trust her partner 0.646
15a People who suggest condom use are a little bit geeky 0.642
Variance 11.26%
Embarrassment about negotiation
16a When I suggest using a condom I am almost always embarrassed 0.606
17a It is really hard to bring up the issue of using condoms to my partner 0.737
18 It is easy to suggest to my partner that we use a condom 0.701
19 I’m comfortable talking about condom with my partner 0.762
20ab I never know what to say when my partner and I need to talk about condoms or other protection 0.245
Variance 6.41%
Embarrassment about purchase
21a It is very embarrassing to buy condoms 0.764
22a When I need condoms I often dread having to get them 0.788
23 I don’t think that buying condoms is awkward 0.503
24a It would be embarrassing to be seen buying condoms in a store 0.670
25a I always feel really uncomfortable when I buy condoms 0.615
Variance 12.56%
  1. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) using principal axis factoring with promax rotation of factors with eigenvalues of > 1.0 was used in the analysis
  2. aItems are reverse scored. The score of all reversed items were reordered in the EFA so that all items measured in the same direction
  3. bItem 6 and 20 were removed because the factor loading was < 0.5