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Table 2 Check list and definitions of concepts

From: Selection of a quality of life instrument for polio survivors in Northwest Nigeria

Checklist/Concept Definition*
Satisfaction of needs Refers to the fulfilment of fundamental life needs that are necessary for flourishing, specifically, accessibility, education, employment, financial stability, health, and social cohesion.
 • Accessibility *Refers to the ease of access to the built environment and transportation system.
 • Education *Refers to the acquisition of formal education and religious (Islamic) theology.
 • Employment *Refers to a gainful employment or paid job that can provide the individual with the necessary financial support to live independently.
 • Financial stability *Refers to a state of financial buoyancy or sufficiency.
 • Health *Refers to a state of being healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.
 • Social cohesion *Refers to social belongingness and community and family relationships.
Self-perception *Refers to self-value, physical appearance, and feeling independent (i.e. the ability to perform activities of daily living).
Spirituality *Refers to religious faith and religious practices.
Happiness *Refers to the state of being joyous, cheerful, calm and contented with life offerings.
  1. All definitions are based on the findings of our previous qualitative study [55]