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Table 3 Pattern matrix after Oblimin rotation

From: The adaptation and validation of the satisfaction with stroke care questionnaire (Homesat) (SASC10-My™) for use in public primary healthcare facilities caring for long- term stroke survivors residing at home in the community

NoItemsCorrected item-total correlationAlpha if item deletedComponentMean (sd)
Satisfaction with support after discharge (Cronbach’s α = 0.820)
 SASC9I have had enough emotional support since I left hospital0.5800.794.819−.1111.69 (0.68)
 SASC7Somebody has really listened and understood my needs and problems since I left hospital0.5950.791.815−.0.831.70 (0.64)
 SASC5I am satisfied with the practical help I have received since I left hospital0.6910.767.737.1761.61 (0.83)
 SASC6I have received enough information about recovery and rehabilitation after stroke0.6840.768.664.2941.57 (0.74)
 SASC11I know whom to contact if I have problems relating to my stroke0.4970.810.538.1951.73 (0.82)
 SASC4I am satisfied with the outpatient services provided by the hospital (e.g. day hospital or appointment with doctors or therapists).0.4940.814.468.4481.86 (0.78)
Satisfaction with discharge transition (Cronbach’s α = 0.655)Mean (sd)
 SASC1I was given all the information I needed
about allowances or services, I might need
after leaving hospital (e. g. district
nursing, medical social welfare officer, National Stroke Association or NASAM).
0.5240.521−.068.8511.14 (0.88)
 SASC3I get all the support I need from services such as district nursing etc.0.5360.536−.044.8191.06 (0.85)
 SASC2Things were well prepared for my return
home (i.e. aids such as a wheelchair or
adaptations in my house, like grab
handles in the lavatory or the shower had
been organized.
0.3660.633−.040.5241.30 (0.93)
 SASC10I have received enough special equipment (e.g. wheelchair, commode, adaptations in my house like grab handles in the lavatory or the shower)0.3540.638.1830.4551.11 (0.83)
Dropped items
 SASC8I have felt neglected since I left hospital  −.3630.1011.16 (0.77)