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Table 3 Univariate analysis of quality indicators related to satisfaction (SUCE)

From: Analysis of adherence to HIV-positive quality of care indicators and their impact on service quality perceptions in patients: a Spanish cross-sectional study

NHealthcare quality indicatorSUCE
Mean difference (CI 95%)
6Delay in referral to specialized care−0.26 (−1.33;0.81)
7Late diagnosis of HIV in specialized care−0.23 (− 0.81;0.35)
8HIV diagnosis with previous negative serology−0.10 (− 0.65;0.44)
10Complementary tests in the initial assessment0.01 (−1.07;1.10)
11HIV plasma viral load
12Determination of lymphocyte subpopulations (CD4)
13Health education at initial assessment0.24 (−0.06;0.54)
15Indication of treatment with < 350 CD4 and without prior ART
16Periodicity of visits (regular follow-up)0.62 (0.13;1.11)*
17Basic renal study in HIV+ patients−0.57 (− 2.49;1.35)
20LTI detection0.09 (−0.27;0.44)
21Vaccination against hepatitis A1.14 (0.16;2.12)*
22Vaccination against hepatitis B0.49 (−0.41;1.40)
23Vaccination against pneumococcal infection0.74 (0.10;1.38)*
24Prophylaxis against Pneumocystis jirovecii and Toxoplasma−0.14 (−3.03;2.76)
25Treatment and prevention of smoking0.11 (−0.52;0.75)
26Alcohol intake assessment−1.20 (− 1.97; −0.44)*
29Syphilis screening0.03 (−0.35;0.41)
30LTI treatment−0.60 (−2.18;0.98)
35Adaptation of initial ART guidelines to the guidelines
36Initiation of ART in patients with symptomatic B/C events
37First visit after the establishment of ART−0.69 (−1.61;0.23)
38Undetectable viral load (< 50 copies/ml) at week 48−0.62 (−2.76;1.52)
39Treatment with Abacavir (ABC) without previous HLA-B 5701
40Treatment changes during the first year−0.08 (− 0.87;0.71)
41Record of adherence to treatment0.33 (− 0.14;0.79)
42Study of resistance in case of virologic failure−0.48 (−1.85;0.90)
45ART in pregnant women with HIV
47Vertical transmission incidence
49Evaluation by CHILD or MELD for chronic liver disease1.67 (−1.34;4.67)
50Evaluation of the hepatitis C virus coinfection
54HBsAg patients receiving effective treatment
55Ultrasound control in cirrhotic patients1.25 (−3.23;5.73)
56Cardiovascular risk assessment−0.01 (− 0.34;0.31)
  1. * p-value < 0.05