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Table 2 Quality indicators for all patients evaluated

From: Analysis of adherence to HIV-positive quality of care indicators and their impact on service quality perceptions in patients: a Spanish cross-sectional study

NIndicatorPatients evaluated by the indicatorPatients who met the indicatorStandard set by GeSIDACompliance with the indicator in the study
(N)(N)(%)(CI 95%)(%)
1Specialized doctor care  100  100%Yes
2Availability of diagnostic resources  100  Yes (all)Yes
3External pharmacy for dispensing drugs  No  YesNo
4Conditions of privacy and structural confidentiality  100  100%Yes
6Delay in referral to specialized care474289.476.996.5100%No
7Late diagnosis of HIV in specialized care1062826.418.335.9<  25%Yes
8HIV diagnosis with previous negative serology1066460.450.469.780%No
10Complementary tests in the initial assessment33432296.493.898.195%Yes
11HIV plasma viral load33433410098.9100100%Yes
12Determination of lymphocyte subpopulations (CD4)33433410098.9100100%Yes
13Health education at initial assessment33218756.350.861.795%No
15Indication of treatment with < 350 CD4 and without prior ART11732.60.57.3<  10%Yes
16Periodicity of visits (regular follow-up)21819388.583.592.485%Yes
17Basic renal study in HIV+ patients21220998.695.999.7100%Yes
20LTI detection18911058.250.865.390%No
21Vaccination against hepatitis A585493.183.398.185%Yes
22Vaccination against hepatitis B888192.084.396.785%Yes
23Vaccination against pneumococcal infection21319390.685.994.285%Yes
24Prophylaxis against Pneumocystis jirovecii and Toxoplasma424197.687.499.9100%Yes
25Treatment and prevention of smoking936772.061.880.995%No
26Alcohol intake assessment21883.71.67.195%No
29Syphilis screening1496845.637.554.070%No
30LTI treatment252392.074.099.095%Yes
31Loss to follow-up255145.53.09.0≤ 5%Yes
32Recovery of failed appointments  84.9  85%Yes
35Adaptation of initial ART to the guidelines11911910096.910095%Yes
36Initiation of ART in patients with symptomatic B/C events333297.084.299.990%Yes
37First visit after the establishment of ART11710892.385.996.490%Yes
38Undetectable viral load (< 50 copies/ml) at week 4810610296.290.699.080%Yes
39Treatment with Abacavir (ABC) without previous HLA-B 5701770004.70%Yes
40Treatment changes during the first year982020.412.929.7<  30%Yes
41Record of adherence to treatment31226685.380.889.095%No
42Study of resistance in case of virologic failure454191.178.897.590%Yes
44Average expenditure per patient in first treatment13 8710.8*  **Yes
45ART in pregnant women with HIV171710080.5100100%Yes
47Vertical transmission incidence1700019.5<  1%Yes
49Evaluation by CHILD or MELD for chronic liver disease12650.021.178.9100%No
50Evaluation of hepatitis C virus coinfection7710059.010090%Yes
54HBsAg patients receiving effective treatment121210073.510090%Yes
55Ultrasound control in cirrhotic patients8450.015.784.390%No
56Cardiovascular risk assessment21212056.649.663.490%No
58Patients with discharge report after hospitalization808010095.5100100%Yes
59Reports of discharge of deceased patients in the hospital121210073.5100100%Yes
60Follow-up in outpatient clinic after hospital discharge747410095.1100100%Yes
62Overall mortality rate in patients in follow-up3341511.78.724.9≤ 25***Yes
63Mortality rate due to AIDS-related causes33433.21.09.8Not established 
64Continuing education  100  75%Yes
  1. * Cost in euros of initiating treatment in this population
  2. ** Median rates published in the corresponding year by GeSIDA (7506.5 (6556–9072)) [16]
  3. *** Death rate per 1000 people/year