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Table 1 The characteristics of included studies

From: A critical review to grading systems and recommendations of traditional Chinese medicine guidelines

CategoriesNo of guidelines (%)
Scope of guidelines
 -Prevention and treatment7 (5.0)
 -Prevention1 (0.7)
 -Diagnosis and treatment123 (86.6)
 -Treatment5 (3.5)
 -Technology5 (3.5)
 -Comprehensivea1 (0.7)
Development organization
 -Ministry of health3 (2.1)
 -Medical doctor association4 (2.8)
 -Chinese Medical institute71 (50.0)
 -China Academy of TCM28 (19.7)
 -Hospital34 (23.9)
 -Comprehensiveb2 (1.5)
 -CSCD Journal26 (18.3)
 -Non CSCD journal88 (62.0)
 -Book28 (19.7)
 -Government76 (53.5)
 -Academic association28 (19.7)
 -Not reported38 (26.8)
  1. aIncluding two or more scopes in a guideline; b Developed by two or more organizations in a guideline