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Table 2 Item statistics and item –total statistics in scale analysis according to anxiety and depression scale

From: Factor structure and reliability of Persian version of hospital anxiety and depression scale in patients with breast cancer survivors

Items of HADSMean ± SDScale mean if item deletedScale variance if item deletedCorrected item total correlationCronbach’s
Alpha if item deleted
 A1. I feel tense or wound up1.54 ± 0.899.0213.070.550.78
 A2. I get a sort of frightened feeling as if something bad is about to happen1.63 ± 0.879.1112.520.660.76
 A3. Worrying thoughts go through my mind1.66 ± 0.859.0812.450.700.75
 A4. I can sit at ease and feel relaxed1.34 ± 0.899.4015.850.110.85
 A5. I get a sort of frightened feeling like butterflies in the stomach1.65 ± 0.839.0912.660.680.76
 A6. I feel restless and have to be on the move1.47 ± 0.879.2712.420.690.75
 A7. I get sudden feelings of panic1.44 ± 0.919.3013.420.470.79
Total score10.74 ± 4.170.81
 D1. I still enjoy the things I used to enjoy1.22 ± 0.877.7112.360.620.73
 D2. I can laugh and see the funny side of things1.17 ± 0.867.7611.910.720.71
 D3. I feel cheerful1.09 ± 0.907.8312.670.540.75
 D4. I feel as if I am slowed down1.53 ± 0.927.4014.680.200.81
 D5. I have lost interest in my appearance1.53 ± 0.927.4013.910.320.79
 D6. I look forward with enjoyment to things1.18 ± 0.887.7512.550.560.74
 D7. I can enjoy a good book or radio or TV program1.18 ± 0.887.7512.250.640.73
Total score8.93 ± 4.110.78