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Table 2 Overview of questions in the semi-structured interview guide

From: Health-related quality of life among 13–14 year old adolescents with overweight−a mixed methods approach

1. Family and everyday life 2. Friends 3. School
Whom do you live together with?
What does a typical day look like for you? What do you like to do in your spare time, and together with whom?
Meal patterns at home, and in school?
Do you have friends?
How often do you meet with friends, and what do you do together?
How do you experience school (courses, teachers, classmates)? Do you participate in physical education classes?
4. Self-image 5. Mood 6. Health
What do you think about yourself?
What do you think others think about you?
How would you describe your mood?
What is important for you to feel satisfied in your everyday life?
What are your thoughts about health?
How do you experience your own health?
7. Sleep 8. Activities 9. Physical activity
Do you sleep well? What is good sleep for you? What kind of activities do you enjoy doing? Is there anything that prevents you from participating in those activities? Could you tell me your thoughts about physical activity? What motivates you to be physically active? Is there anything that hinders you from being physically active?
10. Organized sports 11. Experiences with participation in the research project  
Do you participate in any organized sports? How often? How do you experience participation? Do you participate for your own enjoyment? What made you join the Young & Active intervention? Was anyone other than you involved in the decision? How did you experience the intervention?