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Table 5 Mean difference in clinical and health status measures at baseline and after 6 months of follow-up (n = 213)

From: Validation and clinical interpretation of the St George’s respiratory questionnaire for COPD (SGRQ-C) after adaptation to Malaysian language and culture, in patients with COPD

 Mean Difference (95% CI)Effect Sizep value
 Symptom−2.29 (−3.14–1.43)0.38< 0.001
 Activity−1.51 (−2.52–0.48)0.27< 0.01
 Impact−2.03 (−3.0–1.06)0.35< 0.001
 Total−1.73 (−2.62–0.84)0.30< 0.001
Spirometry Values
 FEV1/FVC0.54 (−0.09–1.18)0.090.09a
 FEV1 (%)0.57 (−0.17–1.31)0.100.13a
  1. a Mean difference is non-significant; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in one second; FVC, Forced vital capacity; FEV1 (%), percentage predicted FEV1; Spirometric data were post-bronchodilator; SGRQ-CM, Malaysian version of St George’s Respiratory COPD specific Questionnaire