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Table 4 Independent Predictors of Post Stroke HRQOL, (n = 257)

From: Factors associated with health related quality of life of patients with stroke in Sri Lankan context

 Significant predictorsStandardized beta coefficientp valueAdjusted R2
Overall HRQOLLevel of dependence (BI score)c.43b0.0010.52
Level of language impairment (MAST score).20b0.001
Type of stroke−.19b0.001
Side of the lesion.17b0.002
Level of education.12a0.022
Physical domainLevel of dependence (BI score)c.43b0.0010.44
Level of language impairment (MAST score).18b0.001
Type of stroke−.17b0.001
Side of the lesion.15b0.001
Communication domainLevel of language impairment.46b0.0010.52
Level of dependence.46b0.001
Type of stroke−.16b0.001
Side of the lesion.19b0.001
Level of education.12b0.009
Level of disability.31b0.002
Psychosocial domainLevel of dependence.33b0.0010.40
Level of language impairment.22b0.001
Type of stroke−.17b0.001
Side of the lesion. 13b0.012
  1. aSignificant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed)
  2. bSignificant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)
  3. cThe ability to perform Activities of Daily Living based on Barthel Index scores