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Table 3 Associations of the Skindex 29 domains with sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of localized scleroderma patients

From: Health-related quality of life and its influencing factors in adult patients with localized scleroderma - a cross-sectional study

Possible factorStatistical testSymptomsFunctionsEmotions
Age at survey (years)Spearman rank correlation−0.120.48−0.140.38−0.090.60
Age at disease onset (years)−0.170.29−0.130.42−0.690.67
Disease duration (years)0.140.400.050.740.110.52
Body surface area affected by LoS0.050.760.
LoSCAT summary score−0.010.950.
GenderU Mann-Whitney101.50.63141.50.36178.50.026
Comorbid medical conditions195.50.83234.50.19232.50.21
Musculoskeletal manifestations28.00.1629.50.1943.50.55
Marital status4.320.367.370.127.840.10
Activity of the disease4.510.210.850.841.170.76
  1. The result of Spearman correlation test is r. The result of U Mann-Whitney test is U-statistics and of the Kruskal-Wallis is chi-square