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Table 4 Factor loadings on subsamples 1 (n = 866) and 2 (n = 866) CD-RISC items using a one-factor solution

From: Psychometric properties of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) in a non-clinical population in Sweden

ItemFactor loadings
Subsample 1Subsample 2
1. Able to adapt to change0.650.53
2. Close and secure relationships0.350.35
3. Sometimes fate and God can help0.080.09
4. Can deal with whatever comes0.720.68
5. Past success gives confidence for new challenges0.800.80
6. See the humorous side of things0.610.58
7. Coping with stress strengthens0.640.64
8. Tend to bounce back after illness or hardship0.710.70
9. Things happen for a reason0.250.23
10. Best effort no matter what0.570.57
11. You can achieve your goals0.810.78
12. When things look hopeless, I don’t give up0.760.70
13. Know where to turn for help0.580.61
14. Under pressure, focus and think clearly0.710.70
15. Prefer to take the lead in problem solving0.660.64
16. Not easily discouraged by failure0.570.57
17. Think of self as strong person0.820.79
18. Make unpopular or difficult decisions0.620.60
19. Can handle unpleasant feelings0.720.70
20. Have to act on a hunch0.380.32
21. Strong sense of purpose0.750.78
22. In control of your life0.710.72
23. I like challenges0.740.76
24. You work to attain your goals0.730.77
25. Pride in your achievements0.670.67
  1. Items with a factor loading ≤ .32 are in bold