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Table 1 Summary of data

From: Transcultural adaptation and validation of a Korean version of the Oxford Ankle Foot Questionnaire for children

Total no. of patients169
Mean age (years)10.8 (SD, 3.3)
Gender (M/F)102 / 67
Diagnosis (no. of patients)
 Flat feet50
 Osteochondral lesion of talus26
 Deformity of ankle or foot9
 Sever’s disease9
 Achilles tendon problem8
 Hallux valgus6
 Accessory navicula syndrome6
 Other (osteomyelitis, Kohler disease, and juvenile idiopathic arthritis)9
 Mean (SD)RangeMean (SD)Range
Physical2.6 (0.9)0.2 to 42.5 (0.9)0.2 to 4
School & play3.0 (1.0)0 to 43.0 (1.0)0 to 4
Emotional3.5 (0.6)0.6 to 43.6 (0.6)0.6 to 4
Foot wear3.1 (1.2)0 to 43.1 (1.1)0 to 4
SD, Standard deviation