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Table 7 LEIPAD ‘Social Functioning’ scale: ordinal logistic regressions (adjacent categories models)

From: Health-related quality of life among community-dwelling people aged 80 years and over: a cross-sectional study in France

  Bivariate ordinal
logistic regression
Multivariate ordinal logistic regression a
 Prevalence of ‘poor’ HRQoL (%)OR (95% CI)p-valueAOR (95% CI)p-value
 Male30.5Ref Ref 
 Female40.01.14 (0.81–1.60)0.45900.61 (0.36–1.04)0.0709
 (years)84.5 (3.3) b1.05 (1.00–1.11)0.05951.07 (1.00–1.14)0.0439
Marital status
 Married or with a partner32.4Ref   
 Never-married, widowed, divorced39.21.20 (0.85–1.70)0.2996  
Educational level
 High school or higher education30.8Ref   
 Pre-high school37.31.30 (0.86–1.97)0.2168  
Driving a car
 Yes27.8Ref Ref 
 No47.81.57 (1.09–2.25)0.01472.00 (1.14–3.51)0.0155
Hospital admission during the previous 12 months
 No37.81.09 (0.73–1.64)0.6703  
Number of health problems4.9 (1.8) b1.14 (1.05–1.25)0.0037  
Life events during the previous 12 months
  No38.21.09 (0.75–1.59)0.6444  
Poor health     
  Yes57.81.92 (1.26–2.92)0.0026  
Daily care of a relative or friend
  Yes53.61.29 (0.80–2.08)0.2996  
  Yes53.81.34 (0.88–2.05)0.1726  
Serious illness of a relative or friend
  Yes40.81.06 (0.72–1.56)0.7566  
Problems(s) with offspring
  Yes59.31.79 (1.07–2.98)0.0261  
Relational problem(s) with friends or relatives
  No32.9Ref Ref 
  Yes90.05.28 (1.42–19.61)0.01295.78 (1.46–22.91)0.0126
Unsatisfactory environment
  No32.3Ref Ref 
  Yes84.63.67 (1.43–9.43)0.00713.87 (1.45–10.35)0.0070
Perceived modest income
  Yes43.41.38 (0.94–2.03)0.0985  
Financial worries
  Yes41.21.11 (0.62–2.00)0.7214  
  1. Ordinal logistic regressions: (1) LEIPAD ‘Social Functioning’ categorized score (‘poor’, ‘average’ or ‘good’ HRQoL) was used as the dependent variable. (2) Independent variables were entered as categorical variables, except for age and number of health problems which were entered as continuous variables. (3) OR odds ratio; CI confidence interval; AOR adjusted odds ratio
  2. a Multiple regression: adjusted for sex, age and for all variables included in the model
  3. b Mean (SD) in the ‘poor’ HRQoL category
  4. Statistical significance is shown in bold type