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Table 3 Correlation between QOL domain scores and some selected factors

From: Health related quality of life in chronic kidney disease; a descriptive study in a rural Sri Lankan community affected by chronic kidney disease

DomainMean (SD)MedianIQRAgebEducation levelbIncomebCKD stagebSymptom burdenb
Kidney Disease Summary Component58.7 (7.7)58.454.2–63.4−0.066a0.086a0.180a−0.122a0.066a
Physical Component Summary Score35.5 (15.0)35.026.2–41.9− 0.082a0.0520.152a− 0.327a0.101a
Mental Component Summary Score39.6 (12.3)39.034.6–42.8− 0.0470.077a0.155a− 0.346a0.038
  1. aSignificant at the 0.05 level
  2. bAssociation tested by Spearman correlation