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Table 2 Association between poor sleep quality and domains of WHOQOL-BREF

From: Association between sleep quality and domains of quality of life amongst patients with first episode psychosis

Domains of WHOQOL-BREFBStandard ErrorP value95% Confidence Interval
Lower BoundUpper Bound
Physical health−2.2360.346< 0.001*−2.919−1.554
Psychological−1.9670.431< 0.001*−2.817−1.118
Social Relationship−1.3760.4510.003*−2.266−0.486
Environment−1.6550.357< 0.001*−2.359−0.950
  1. PSQI Pittsburg sleep quality index, WHOQOL-BREF World Health Organization Quality of Life - BREF
  2. *P value < 0.05