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Table 6 Discriminative validity: Comparison of the Migraine screen questionnaire (MS-Q) scores between Ethiopian university students with attention complaints and no complaints of attention

From: Migraine screen questionnaire: further psychometric evidence from categorical data methods

Items of the MS-QMean rankUp-value
Attention complaints
(n = 65)
No attention complaints
(n = 238)
MS-Q 1174.90145.756246.50.006
MS-Q 2170.77146.876515.00.010
MS-Q 3161.78149.337099.00.162
MS-Q 4184.23143.205640.00<.001
MS-Q 5188.33142.085373.50<.001
MS-Q total score189.57141.745293.00<.001
  1. *Mean ± SD