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Table 1 Demographic, diagnostic and clinical characteristics of adult patients participating in the study

From: Health related quality of life in adult primary Ciliary dyskinesia patients in Cyprus: development and validation of the Greek version of the QOL-PCD questionnaire

ParameterAdult PCD patients (n = 31)
Demographic information
 Current Agea33.6 (22.2–50.9) 
 Gender (female)18/3158.1%
 Age at Presentationa23.79 (17.8–45.1) 
 Situs Abnormalities14/3145.2%
Diagnostic characteristics
 Nasal Nitric Oxide (nl/min)a24.9 (13.0–48.0) 
 TEM result
  Normal TEM8/3125.8%
  ODA + IDA9/3129.0%
  ODA only6/3119.4%
  CP/ IDA + MD8/3125.8%
HSVM result
 Normal HSVM0/310%
 Immotile/Almost Immotile13/3141.9%
 Extremely stiff due to reduced ciliary bending8/3125.8%
 Stiff Beating pattern3/319.7%
 Circular Pattern7/3122.6%
Clinical Characteristics
 Chronic Rhinorrhoea31/31100%
 Chronic wet cough31/31100%
 History of NRDS14/3145.2%
 History of nasal polyps8/3026.7%
 History of Pneumonia12/2941.4%
 History of Heamoptysis3/319.7%
 History of lung resection5/3116.1%
  1. aMedian and Interquartile Range TEM Transmission Electron Microscopy, HSVM High Speed Video Microscopy, ODA + IDA Combined Outer Dynein Arm defect and Inner Dynein Arm defect, ODA Isolated Outer Dynein Arm defect, CP Central Pair defect, IDA + MD Inner Dynein Arm and Microtubular Disorganisation defect, NRDS Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome