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Table 4 Structural matrix of the five factors with the 16 selected items

From: Brief version of the coping health inventory for parents (CHIP) among family caregivers of children with chronic diseases

15. Communicating with a doctor regarding my concerns about my child with a medical condition..790.125.265−.257.267
17. Engaging in relationships and friendships that help me feel important and appreciated..750.075.220−.160.192
16. Believing that the medical center/hospital considers my family’s best interests..746.005.087−.220.302
18. Believing in God..734.283.140−.262.282
5. Communicating with the medical staff (nurses, social worker, etc.) when we visit the medical center..630.261.119−.380.187
35. Ensuring that the prescribed medical treatments for my child are performed at home on a daily basis..197.849.100−.101.106
38. Investing myself in my children..161.728.122−.434.149
36. Building a closer relationship with my spouse..063.672.270−.171.538
31. Encouraging my children with a medical condition to be more independent..490.517−.106−.445.149
26. Doing things with family relatives..157.143.870−.047.015
21. Doing things together as a family..451.086.698−.290.132
43. Having my child with a medical condition visit the clinic/hospital on a regular basis..295.112−.058−.783.140
41. Trying to maintain family stability..228.289.195− 766.147
39. Communicating with someone (other than a professional counselor/doctor) about how I feel..231.203.477−.552−.041
1. Communicating about personal feelings and concerns with my spouse..260.214.047−.161.811
3. Trusting my spouse to help support me and my child..438.000−.064−.119.807
  1. N = 190. Extraction method: Principal component analysis. Rotation method: Oblimin with Kaiser normalization. The rotation converged in 10 iterations. F1 Belief and trust, F2 Spouse and children’s relationship, F3 Home care, F4 Family involvement, F5 Security and stability, NI Number of items, AVE Average variance extracted, ω = McDonald’s coefficient omega or composite reliability