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Table 2 Common issues that arose with the Short-WORC (n = 26)

From: Interpretation and content validity of the items of the numeric rating version short-WORC to evaluate outcomes in management of rotator cuff pathology: a cognitive interview approach

ItemComprehensionPerspective ModifiersReference PointCalibration Across ItemsInadequate Response definitionRelevance
 1. SleepingUnderstood well    Overall, found to be relevant (73%)
Few participants felt it was only relevant if the injured arm was slept on.
 2. Styling your hairUnderstod wellGender issues arose (30%). E.x. men who were bald found this inapplicable Some participants calibrated this answer with the item of sleeping (19%) Overall, relevant to 79% of participants
 3. Dressing or undressingUnderstood wellSome gender issues arose, i.e. men who did not rate this item as important (19%) Some participants calibrated this answer with the item of sleeping and styling hair (19%) Overall, relevant to 70% of participants
 4. Daily activities about the house or yardSome comprehension issues with defining daily activities and yard work    Overall was relevant for 80% of participants
12% found work in the yard irrelevant to their Qol
 5. Working above the shoulderUnderstood well    Overall, 90% of participants found it was relevant to their QoL
 6. Compensate with unaffected armUnderstood well    88% of participants found this relevant to their QoL.
12% found if the injury was on the non-dominant hand it was not relevant.
 7. Lifting heavy objects at or below shoulder levelUnderstood well    92% of participants found this to be relevant to QoL