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Table 1 Socio-demographical, Behavioral and clinical characteristics of adults with and without DM in Adama city

From: Heath related quality of life and associated factors among adults with and without diabetes in Adama city East Shewa, Ethiopia 2019; using generalized structural equation modeling

VariableDiabetic (n = 359)Non-diabetic (n = 415)P-value
AGE; Mean (SD)51.64(14.51)33.37(9.86)< 0.0001*
Depression Mean (SD)2.35(0.03)1.97 (0.03)< 0.0001*
Gender; n (%)
 Female176(49.03)259(62.41)<  0.0001**
Residence; n (%)
Educational status; n (%)
 Uneducated60(16.71)34(8.25))< 0.0001**
 Primary cycle119(33.15)104(25.24)
 Secondary and above180(50.14)274(66.50)
Marital status; n (%)
 Single45(12.53)134(32.29)< 0.0001**
 Christen271(75.49)292(70.36)< 0.0001***
Occupational status; n (%)
 Daily labor7(1.95)43(10.36)
Hazardous drinking; n (%)
 Yes22(6.13)64(15.42)< 0.0001**
  1. * P-values from two-sample t test with equal variances; **p-values from Chi-square test; ***p-values from Fisher exact test