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Table 2 Adjusted odds ratios for independent variables included in the multiple logistic regression model for prediction of positive outcome

From: Risk factors for limited improvement after total trapeziometacarpal joint arthroplasty

OutcomeAdjusted Odds ratio95% CIp value
VAS at activity
 Preoperative DASH0.960.94–0.990.002*
 Preoperative Grip strength0.960.91–1.000.048*
 Male vs female ref3.530.96–12.970.057
VAS at rest
 Preoperative grip strength0.960.92–1.010.088
 Male vs female ref4.121.19–14.220.025*
 Preoperative grip strength0.960.92–1.010.086
Grip strength
 Male vs female ref0.500.23–1.090.081
DASH + VAS at rest
 Preoperative grip strength0.950.91–0.990.044*
 Male vs female ref2.770.86–8.930.088
DASH + VAS at activity
 Preoperative grip strength0.950.92–0.990.044*
  1. The table is divided into the six different outcome measures: “VAS at activity”, “VAS at rest”, “DASH”, “Grip strength”, “DASH + VAS at rest” and “DASH + VAS at activity”. DASH = The disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand. Grip strength is measured in kg. All models are adjusted for baseline measurements, prosthesis, age and gender. Predictors with a p value > 0.09 are not presented in the table
  2. *Indicates a significant p-value below 0.05