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Table 4 Fit indices for the latent class analysis of the well-being factors

From: Well-being profiles in adolescence: psychometric properties and latent profile analysis of the mental health continuum model – a methodological study

2 class model12,246.6712,300.1912,268.43.7511016.84<.001
3 class model11,969.1912,044.1311,999.65.682276.09<.001
4 class model11,895.6711,992.0211,934.83.68678.84= .001
5 class model11,830.5211,948.2711,878.38.69070.75= .193
  1. AIC Akaike Information Criteria, BIC Bayesian Information Criteria, SSA-BIC Sample Size Adjusted Bayesian Information Criteria, LRT Lo-Mendel-Rubin Adjusted Likelihood Ratio Test