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Table 6 Results from comparing the effects of covariates across the outcomes

From: Multivariate multilevel modeling of quality of life dynamics of HIV infected patients

EffectsLabelEstimateStandard ErrorP-value
Adverse Event: NormalPhysical Health - Physiological score1.910.1960.002**
Adverse Event: NormalPhysical Health - Social r/ship score1.690.4260.022*
Adverse Event: MildPhysical Health - Physiological score1.640.0890.000***
Adverse Event: AdvancePhysical Health - Physiological score2.020.1950.000***
Age: 21–39Physical Health - Level of independence1.550.0270.000***
Age: 21–39Physical Health - Social r/ship score0.910.0970.004**
Education:> 11 gradePhysical Health - Physiological score−1.040.1970.001**
WeightPhysical Health - Physiological score0.0010.0020.688
Viral LoadLevel of independence - Social r/ship−
Viral LoadPhysical Health- Social r/ship score−*
Viral LoadPhysiological score- Social r/ship score−*
Liver AbnormalityPhysical Health - Physiological score0.10.070.415
Time Slope
 Viral LoadPhysical Health - Physiological score−*
 Age: 21–39Level of independence - Physical Health−*
 Age: 21–39Social r/ship - Physical Health−*
 Hb and haematocrit componentLevel of independence - Social r/ship0.010.060.362
 Hb and haematocrit componentPhysical Health- Social r/ship0.060.020.042*
 Hb and haematocrit componentPhysiological score- Social r/ship0.010.050.553
 WeightPhysical Health - Physiological score−
 Electrolyte ComponentsPhysical Health - Physiological score−
 Normal adverse eventPhysical Health - Level of independence−
 Mild adverse eventPhysical Health - Level of independence−
 Sex while drunkLevel of independence - Social r/ship−
  1. Key:- Statistical significance: (*)P < 0.05; (**)P < 0.01; (***)P < 0.001