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Table 2 Model fit indices of the heiQ in the present study (n = 299) and in previous studies

From: Italian validation of the health education impact questionnaire (heiQ) in people with chronic conditions

Models tested in the present studyχ2χ2/dfCFITLIRMSEARMR
Correlated factors1183.74*
Correlated factors with covariances between residuals1094.28*
Fit indices in previous studies
 Original Australian study [7]1420*1.80.99n.r..04n.r
 Dutch study [8]1257.77*
 French study [9]1210.15*
 German study [11]2223.96*3.32.92n.r..04n.r
  1. Note. * p < .001. n.r. = not reported in the study paper. CFI Comparative Fit Index; heiQ health education impact Questionnaire; GFI Goodness of Fit Index; RMR Root Mean Residual; RMSEA Root Mean Squared Error Residual Approximation; Tucker-Lewis Index