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Table 2 2-factor principal component analysis for the SF12 items and SF12 US weights

From: Validation of the SF12 mental and physical health measure for the population from a low-income country in sub-Saharan Africa

SF12 componentsComponent 1 Malawi weights 1st health dimensionUS Physical health weightComponent 2 Malawi weights 2nd health dimensionUS Mental health weight
Physical Functioning0.35780.42402−0.2863−0.22999
Role Physical0.37170.35119−0.1832−0.12329
Body Pain0.40030.31754−0.1601− 0.09731
General Health0.26890.24954−0.3022−0.01571
Social Functioning0.3822−0.007530.07080.26876
Role Emotional0.2614−0.192060.81340.43407
Mental Health0.3761−0.220690.30220.48581
Eigenvalue4.7543 0.8293 
Proportion0.5943 0.1037 
Observations2838 2838