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Table 3 Association of Any mental disorder with self-rated overall health and quality of life domains

From: Understanding the relationships between mental disorders, self-reported health outcomes and positive mental health: findings from a national survey

 Health outcomes’ scoreBivariate analysisMultivariable analysisa
Any mental disorderMeanSDβLowerUpperPβLowerUpperP
 Overall health
Yes3.240.62−0.266−0.409− 0.124< 0.001− 0.352−0.491− 0.213< 0.001
No3.510.51REF   REF   
 Quality of Life- Mental Component Summary
Yes51.55.12−4.808−6.039−3.576< 0.001−4.485−5.78−3.191< 0.001
No56.36.37REF   REF   
 Quality of Life- Physical Component Summary
Yes54.15.97−0.332−1.2290.5650.468−1.019−1.947− 0.0910.031
No54.45.23REF   REF   
  1. a General linear regression models adjusted for socio-demographic characteristics (as described in Table 1) and history of any chronic physical condition (Y/N)