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Table 2 Distribution of the Malagasy ECOHIS responses (n = 150)

From: Evaluation of the reliability and validity of the Early Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale (ECOHIS) questionnaire translated into Malagasy

ImpactsNever/ hardly ever
Occasionally/ often /or very often
Don’t know
Impact on the Child
 Child symptom
  1. How often has your child had PAIN in the teeth, mouth or jaws50(33.3)99(66.0)1(0.7)
 Child function
  How often has your child … … because of dental problems or dental treatments?
   2. Had difficulty DRINKING hot or cold beverages89(59.3)60(40.0)1(0.7)
   3. Had difficulty EATING some foods69(46.0)81(54.0)0(0.0)
   4. Had difficulty PRONOUNCING any words84(56.0)65(43.3)1(0.7)
   5. Had missed preschool, day care or school (ABSENCE)80(53.3)70(46.7)0(0.0)
 Child psychology
  6. Had trouble SLEEPING77(51.3)73(48.7)0(0.0)
  7. Been irritable or FRUSTRATED78(52.0)72(48.0)0(0.0)
 Child self-image and social interaction
  8. Avoided SMILING or LAUGHTHING86(57.3)64(42.7)0(0.0)
  9. Avoided TALKING110(73.3)40(26.7)0(0.0)
Impact on Family
 Parental distress
  How often have you or another family member …. because of dental problems or dental treatments?
   10. Been WORRIED/UPSET68(45.3)82(54.7)0(0.0)
   11. Felt GUILTY62(41.3)87(58.0)1(0.7)
 Family function
  12. Taken time off from WORK65(43.3)85(56.7)0(0.0)
  13. How often has your child had dental problems or dental treatment that had a financial impact on your family FINANCIAL55(36.7)95(63.3)0(0.0)