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Table 2 Mean, standard deviations and correlations among personality, occupational stress, Job satisfaction and QOL

From: Mediating role of occupational stress and job satisfaction on the relationship between neuroticism and quality of life among Chinese civil servants: a structural equation model

VariablesM (SD)Range1234
1. Neuroticism19.75(6.01)8.00–37.001   
2. Occupational stress68.51 (11.94)35.00–113.000.189**1  
3. Job satisfaction11.53(2.54)3.00–15.00−0.271**− 0.226**1 
4. QOL75.49 (14.73)12.50–100.0− 0.450**− 0.341**0.357**1
  1. Range: the actual score range for each variable; ** P < 0.01