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Table 1 Participant characteristics at baseline (T0)

From: Patient’s early satisfaction with care: a predictor of health-related quality of life change among outpatients with substance dependence

CharacteristicsSatisfaction Outpatient responders N = 136Satisfaction Outpatient nonresponders N = 36P-value
 nMean (SD) or %nMean (SD) or % 
Age (years)13439.1 (10.5)3538.1 (10.9)0.6
Marital status
 Never married5138.91952.80.13
 Married/live with a partner5138.91438.9 
Educational level
 Primary school1611.938.30.63
 Secondary school9771.92569.4 
 High school/university2216.3822.2 
Living arrangements
 Alone with partner and/or children5943.71644.4 
 With family or friends2619.3616.7 
Occupational status
 Full-time work4130.11131.4 
 Part-time work75.125.7 
Type of dependence
 Alcohol dependence5238.2616.70.01
 Opioid dependence8461.83083.3 
 Duration of addiction (years)13614.9 (11.1)3612.3 (8.8)0.2
 Comorbid axis I diagnosis (yes)5530.61140.40.28
Origin of the care request
 Medical care2518.4719.4 
 Patient-physician gender match (yes)5943.4925.00.04
 Medication initiated during the 3-months follow-up (yes)5339.6925.70.13
 Change in substance use behavior at 3 months (yes)8463.218500.15
 Number of medical sessions during the 3-month follow-up1277.3 (4.5)337.5 (5.0)0.21