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Table 2 Distribution and reliability scores for CU-Q2oL

From: Psychometric properties of the portuguese version of the chronic urticaria quality of life questionnaire (CU-Q2oL)

CU-Q2oL# of itemsMean ± sdFloor effectCeiling effectInternal consistency α1-week Test-retest ICC
Overall score2325.4 ±
Pruritus240.6 ± 28.815.45.60.8290.818
Swelling215.6 ±
Impact on life activities618.3 ± 20.727.20.60.8690.862
Sleep problems533.4 ± 25.511.90.60.8990.866
Limits327.5 ± 23.918.81.90.6610.929
Looks522.6 ±
  1. sd standard deviation