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Table 3 Ranking of outcomes in the study population

From: Outcome preferences of older people with multiple chronic conditions and hypertension: a cross-sectional survey using best-worst scaling

 Main analysisSensitivity analysis 1Sensitivity analysis2
 Conditional logit parametersBest-minus-worst scoresSUCRA scores
Heart attack2.750.09−1.910.130.8000.014
Heart failure2.730.09−
End stage renal disease (Dialysis)1.950.09−0.680.150.5710.014
Cognitive impairment1.920.09−0.540.150.5620.003
Chronic kidney disease1.870.08−0.600.100.6640.009
Acute kidney injury1.380.
Injurious fall0.
Low blood pressure with dizziness0.
Treatment burden0a 2.350.140.2530.007
  1. Parameters from conditional logit regression (on log scale) with treatment burden as a reference (main analysis), mean best-minus-worst scores with a possible range of [−5,5] (sensitivity analysis 1), SUCRA scores with a possible range of [0,1] (sensitivity analysis 2).
  2. aTreatment burden was chosen as the reference, as it was the least worrisome outcome, so all parameters would be positive
  3. SE Standard error, SUCRA Surface under the cumulative ranking curve