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Table 4 The OPQoL-brief questionnaire. Original 13-items version, plus the preliminary single item on global QoL (OPQoL-G). Means and Standard deviation. During the last week, to what extent have you experienced that...

From: Assessing quality of life in older adults: psychometric properties of the OPQoL-brief questionnaire in a nursing home population

Variable N Mean Std.Dev.
OPQoL1 I enjoy my life overall 181 3.63 1.082
OPQoL2 I look forward to things 181 3.89 0.958
OPQoL3 I am healthy enough to get out and about 181 3.48 1.269
OPQoL4 My family, friends or neighbours will help me if needed 181 4.27 1.014
OPQoL5 I have social or leisure activities/hobbies that I enjoy doing 181 2.99 1.251
OPQoL6 I try to stay involved with things 181 3.50 1.193
OPQoL7 I am healthy enough to have my independence 181 3.75 1.212
OPQoL8 I can please myself what I do 181 3.75 0.907
OPQoL9 I feel safe where I live 181 4.53 0.764
OPQoL10 I get pleasure from my home 181 4.01 1.000
OPQoL11 I take life as it comes and make the best of things 181 4.42 0.754
OPQoL12 I feel lucky compared to most people 181 4.07 0.864
OPQoL13 I have enough money to pay for household bills 181 4.42 0.835
  1. Items 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12 are omitted in the best fitting 8-items measurement model
  2. Listwise N = 181. The OPQoL-brief is scaled 1–5, where higher score means higher QoL