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Table 4 Average utility scores with weekly recall and daily recall (= QALD)

From: Usability of daily SF36 questionnaires to capture the QALD variation experienced after vaccination with AS03A-adjuvanted monovalent influenza A (H5N1) vaccine in a safety and tolerability study

  Weekly recall utility score Daily recall utility score (=QALD) Accumulated QALD-loss from baseline
Pre dose 1 0.863 0.885  
Dose 1-D0   0.874 0.011
Dose 1-D1   0.863 0.034
Dose 1-D2   0.877 0.042
Dose 1-D3   0.889  
Dose 1-D4   0.894  
Dose 1-D5   0.902  
Dose 1-D6 0.879 0.902  
Dose 2-D0 0.891   
Dose 2-D6 0.874   
  1. QALD Quality adjusted life day
  2. Dose 1 was administered on Day 0 and Dose 2 was administered on Day 21. D0 refers to the day on which vaccine was given; D6 refers to six days post dose