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Table 2 Item analysis and final version of CSPDS

From: Development and validation of the cancer self-perceived discrimination scale for Chinese cancer patients

Draft version of CSPDS Factor Item analysis Final version of CSPDS (Renumber)
1. I will be very happy if someone would like to visit me in the hospital. F1 Item 1
2. Cancer means fewer and fewer friends F1 Item 2
3. Sometimes, I am ashamed when I face other people. F1 Item 3
4. People look down upon cancer patients. F1 Item 4
5. I hate others talking about my disease behind me. F1 Item 5
6. I’d like to talk about my disease with others. F1 ×  
7. I hate someone staring at me. F1 Item 6
8. Having cancer is because of sin. F2 Item 7
9. It would be bad for me if too many people know the state of my disease. F1 Item 8
10. People would not like to approach patients because they believe cancer is a contagious disease. F2 Item 9
11. People would deliberately avoid meeting cancer patients because they think cancer patients will borrow money from them. F2 Item 10
12. People believe that it will bring bad luck to contact cancer patients. F2 Item 11
13. I would not like to go to public place. F1 ×  
14. Many people believe that cancer treatments are effective. F3 ×  
15. Sometimes, I feel I am unlucky. F3 Item 12
16. Sometimes, I feel I am useless. F3 Item 13
17. All family member have provided sufficient care for me since I was ill. F2 ×  
18. I am a burden of my family. F3 Item 14
19. Some people give counterfeit drugs to cheat cancer patients. F2 ×  
20. Cancer patients are vulnerable to be treated unfairly by insurance. F2 ×  
21. Community or village committee have provided sufficient care for me since my disease. F2 ×  
  1. F1 social withdrawal, F2 stigma, F3 self-deprecation