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Table 2 Original and additional MCC-specific FACT-M scores

From: Psychometric properties of the FACT-M questionnaire in patients with Merkel cell carcinoma

FACT-M Subscales and Summary scores # of items Items/Scales Score rangea
FACT-G subscales
 Physical well-being (PWB) 7 GP1 – GP7 0–28
 Social/Family well-being (SWB) 7 GS1 – GS7 0–28
 Emotional well-being (EWB) 6 GE1 – GE6 0–24
 Functional well-being (FWB) 7 GF1 – GF7 0–28
Melanoma-specific subscales
 Melanoma Subscale (MS) 16 M1-M3, B1, ITU4, An10, Hep3, C1, C6, M5, M6, ITU3, MS8, M8, M9, HI7 0–64
 Melanoma surgery Scale (MSS) 8 M10-M17 0–32
Summary score
 FACT-M TOI 30 PWB + FWB + MS 0–120
 FACT-G total score 27 PWB + SWB + EWB + FWB 0–108
 FACT-M total score 43 PWB + SWB + EWB + FWB + MS 0–172
MCC-specific scores
 Physical Function score (PF)   GP1, GP3, GF1, GF3, GF7, ITU4 0–24
 Psychological Impact score (PI)   GE1, GE3 - GE6, MS8 0–24
 MCC summary score   PF + PI 0–48
  1. MCC Merkel cell carcinoma, TOI Trial Outcome Index
  2. GP GP1- lack of energy; GP2- nausea; GP3- troubles meeting family needs; GP4- pain; GP5- side effects; GP6- feeling ill; GP7- lying in bed
  3. GS GS1- close friendship; GS2- emotional support from family; GS3- support from friends; GS4- family accept illness; GS5- communication with family; GS6- close to partner; GS7- sex life
  4. GE GE1- sadness; GE2- coping with illness; GE3- losing hope; GE4- nervousness; GE5- worry about death; GE6- worry about aggravation of disease
  5. GF GF1- able to work; GF2- fulfilling work; GF3- enjoy life; GF4- illness acceptance; GF5- sleeping well; GF6- fun; GF7- quality of life
  6. M M1- pain; M2- skin deterioration; M3- scars appearance; M5- pain in bones; M6- bloody stools; M8- remoteness; M9- cognitive functioning; M10- swelling (melanoma); M11- swelling (surgery); M12- swelling botherness; M13- painful movement; M14- swelling prevent activities; M15- swelling prevent nice clothing; M16- numbness; M17- range of movement
  7. B B1- short breath
  8. ITU ITU3- limited social activity; ITU4- limited physical activity
  9. AN AN10- headaches
  10. Hep Hep3- fevers
  11. C C1- stomach swelling or cramp; C6- appetite
  12. MS MS8- overwhelming condition
  13. HI HI7- fatigue
  14. aHigher score = better health-related quality of life