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Table 5 Internal consistency

From: Evaluation of PDQ-8 and its relationship with PDQ-39 in China: a three-year longitudinal study

Scales/subscales Items Item-scale correlationa Cronbach’s α
PDQ-8   0.56–0.72 0.80
Mobility Q7 0.62  
Activity of daily living Q12 0.56  
Emotional well-being Q17 0.72  
Stigma Q25 0.66  
Social support Q27 0.57  
Cognitions Q31 0.57  
Communication Q35 0.70  
Bodily discomfort Q37 0.61  
  1. aSpearman’s rank correlation
  2. P < 0.001 in each case
  3. Abbreviations: PDQ-8 8-item Parkinson’s disease Questionnaire