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Table 1 Categorization of physical activity, patients, and definitions

From: Decreased physical activity is a predictor for a complicated recovery post cardiac surgery

2 activity levels 5 activity levels Patients Activity description Activity examples
Sedentary Level 1 Sedentary 331 Essential no PA above minimum demands of daily living Watching TV, working at desk, riding car
Level 2 Minimally 1036 Activity during normal daily routine, 15–30 min/d, very light to fairly light exertion Some stair-climbing, light gardening, light housekeeping, light home repairs.
Active Level 3 Mildly 1257 Activity to exercise muscle groups, 15–30 min/d, fairly light to somewhat hard exertion Calisthenics, lifting weights, heavy gardening, heavy housekeeping
Level 4 Moderately 490 ≥1 dynamic activities performed 1-3 times/week, 15 min/session, marked increase in heart rate or somewhat hard exertion Running, jogging, bicycling, fast walking, dancing, tennis,
Level 5 Vigorously 268 ≥ 1 dynamic activities performed 3 times/week, 20 min/session, somewhat hard to hard exertion Vigorous calisthenics, aerobic dancing, aerobic workouts, competition sport