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Table 5 Factor Analysis: Rotated Component matrix (n = 236)

From: Validation of the child oral health impact profile (COHIP) french questionnaire among 12 years-old children in New Caledonia

  1 2 3 4
Domain 1: Oral health     
 Q1: Had pain in your teeth/toothache    0.366  
 Q2: Been breathing through your mouth or snoring    0.345  
 Q3: Had discoloured teeth or spots on your teeth    0.524  
 Q4: Had crooked teeth or spaces between your teeth    0.470  
 Q5: Had sores/sore spots in or around your mouth    0.548  
 Q6: Had bad breath    0.692  
 Q7: Had bleeding gums    0.432  
 Q8: Had food sticking in or between your teeth    0.558  
 Q9: Had pain or sensitivity in teeth with hot/cold things    0.395  
 Q10: Had dry mouth or lips    0.301  
Domain 2: Functional Well-Being     
 Q11: Had trouble biting/chewing apple, carrot/firm meat   0.618   
 Q15: Had difficulty eating foods you would like to eat   0.669   
 Q21: Had trouble sleeping   0.638   
 Q26: Had difficulty saying certain words   0.640   
 Q30: People had difficulty understanding what you were saying   0.564   
 Q32: Had difficulty keeping your teeth clean    0.434  
Domain 3: Socio-emotional Well-Being     
 Q12: Been unhappy or sad 0.546    
 Q16: Felt worried or anxious 0.579    
 Q20: Avoided smiling or laughing with other children 0.638    
 Q27: Felt that you look different 0.639    
 Q33: Been worried about what other people think 0.696    
 Q18: Felt shy or withdrawn 0.661    
 Q25: Been teased, bullied or called names by other children 0.625    
 Q23: Got angry 0.609    
Domain 4: School/Environment     
 Q13: Missed school   0.545   
 Q19: Had difficulty paying attention in school 0.480    
 Q24: Did not want to speak/read out loud in class 0.537    
 Q36: Did not want to go to school   0.602   
Domain 5: Self-image     
 Q14: Been reassured or put in trust through     0.445
 Q31: Felt that you were good looking 0.602    
 Q39: Felt having healthy teeth     0.680
 Q43: Felt good about himself     0.603
 Q40: When I am older, I believe that I’ll have good teeth     0.713
 Q41: When I am older, I believe that I will be healthy     0.683
  1. Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis
  2. Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalisation