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Table 2 Content validity: cognitive debrief summary

From: Qualitative and quantitative validation of the FACIT-fatigue scale in iron deficiency anemia

FACIT-fatigue Item Correctly Interpreted Relevant to IDA Example Quotes
1. I feel fatigue 14/15 14/15 “I feel tired and worn out… your body’s like - ugh…”
2. I feel weak all over 15/15 14/15 “I get really weak and drained… like someone just sucked all the energy out of you”
“I just take my time moving around, and work at getting myself built back up”
3. I feel listless (washed out) 14/15 13/15 “Feeling lifeless and you don’t want to do anything”
4. I feel tired 15/15 15/15 “I just want to sit back on the couch and do nothing -just you know lack of energy”
5. I have trouble starting things because I am tired 15/15 15/15 “So I had to get up and force myself…So literally you have to like mentally coach, coax myself to move forward.”
6. I have trouble finishing things because I am tired 15/15 15/15 “I will go lay down…I say I will do it later, and I might not get back to it”
7. I have energy 15/15 15/15 “I have energy would mean, you know, I don’t feel tired, you know … I get up and I have no problem getting started, I go through the day doing whatever I have to do and I can go, keep going, you know… I’m not describing myself”
8. I am able to do my usual activities 15/15 15/15 “No, I’m not able to do my usual stuff”… “I need help with the yard work…”
9. I need to sleep during the day 15/15 15/15 “I’ll sleep during the day—if I have to run errands, if I’m taking my husband to an appointment, I literally fall asleep, you know, sitting in the chair waiting—anywhere I can take a nap, I’ll take a nap.”
10. I am too tired to eat 15/15 12/15 “I get that way sometimes. Typically if I get that way it’s because…I’m running out of energy by that time”.
11. I need help doing my usual activities 15/15 13/15 “…sometimes I do get help from my husband and then even times at work, like close colleagues, I will receive assistance from them”
12. I am frustrated by being too tired to do the things I want to do 15/15 15/15 “Yeah, right, because you know, who would think to actually get like frustrated because you’re tired. Yeah, I am. I don’t think people realize that it’s something that you can’t really control.”
13. I have to limit my social activity because I am tired 15/15 15/15 “with the last date I went, I think, my attention span began to wane because I was tired. I was like— oh, my God, you’re sitting there thinking I want to go home.”