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Table 3 Final discriminant model based on modified FibroDetect items

From: Improving the primary care physicians' decision making for fibromyalgia in clinical practice: development and validation of the Fibromyalgia Detection (FibroDetect®) screening tool

Question Response choices Coding
1 At least one body part of upper body ticked (head, neck, shoulders) Yes 1
No 0
At least one body part of upper limb ticked (right and left arms) Yes 1
No 0
At least one body part of lower limb ticked (right and left legs) Yes 1
No 0
2 Frequency of the pain Every day or Almost every day 1
Some days 0
3 At least 3 kinds of pain ticked * Yes 1
No 0
4 Frequency of tiredness Every day 1
Some days or Never 0
5 Impact of physical effort on tiredness Much more tired 1
Slightly more tired or No difference 0
6 At least 7 symptoms ticked ** Yes 1
No 0
13 Extent to which patients recognize themselves in the questions being asked Absolutely 1
A little or Not at all 0
  1. *Among 8 kinds of pain: muscle aches, cramps, pins and needles, stabbing, shooting pain, burning, pulling and pain that moves from one place to another.
  2. **Among 17 symptoms: stiffness, headaches, tiredness, tiredness on waking up, exhaustion, insomnia, disrupted or disturbed sleep, sensitive to cold or heat, sensitive to smells, sensitive to noise, sensitive to touch, problems remembering things, problems concentrating, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation and problems with urination.