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Table 1 Structure and content of the FibroDetect screening tool (version for validation study)

From: Improving the primary care physicians' decision making for fibromyalgia in clinical practice: development and validation of the Fibromyalgia Detection (FibroDetect®) screening tool

COVER PAGE: to invite the appropriate patients to complete the screening tool
• Attention-capturing sentences
INSIDE PAGE: to allow the patients to describe their pain, fatigue and other symptoms
Question 1* • Location of the pain (body diagram to complete)
Question 2 • Frequency of the pain
Question 3 • Description of the pain (list of sensations/perceptions)
Question 4 • Frequency of tiredness
Question 5 • Impact of physical effort on tiredness
Question 6 • Symptoms patients experienced that are associated with their condition (list of symptoms)
INSIDE PAGE: to capture the link between patients' condition and life, and the impact of fibromyalgia on their everyday life, personality and attitude
Question 7 • Impact of situations on patients' condition (list of physical, psychological and external situations)
Question 8 • Impact of patients' condition on their everyday life areas (list of life areas)
Questions 9 and 10 • Assessment of traumatic or stressful events in patients' life
Question 11 • Attitude and behaviour of patients faced with their condition (list)
Question 12 • Statements about the disease
Question 13 • Extent to which patients recognise themselves in the questions being asked
Question 14 • Content of the tool allowing report of current health status