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Table 3 ICF categories relevant in patients undergoing HPN (ICF component activities and participation).

From: Functioning and health in patients with cancer on home-parenteral nutrition: a qualitative study

ICF block or chapter
2nd level ICF category
Stage1 expected
Stage2 experienced
  Applying knowledge     
d166 Reading x    
  General tasks and demands     
d230 Carrying out daily routine x x x  
d240 Handling stress and other psychological demands x   x  
  Conversation and use of communication devices and techniques
d350 Conversation x    
  Changing and maintaining body position     
d410 Changing basic body position x    
d415 Maintaining a body position x x x  
  Carrying moving and handling objects     
d430 Lifting and carrying objects    x  
d440 Fine hand use x   x  
  Walking and moving     
d450 Walking x x x x
d455 Moving around x x x  
d460 Moving around in different locations x   x  
d465 Moving around using equipment x    
  Moving around using transportation     
d475 Driving x    
d510 Washing oneself x x x  
d520 Caring for body parts x   x  
d530 Toileting    x  
d550 Eating    x x
d560 Drinking    x x
d570 Looking after one's health x x   
  Acquisition of necessities     
d620 Acquisition of goods and services    x  
  Household tasks     
d630 Preparing meals x   x  
d640 Doing housework x x x  
  Caring for household objects and assisting others
d650 Caring for household objects x   x  
  General interpersonal interactions     
d720 Complex interpersonal interactions x    
  Particular interpersonal interactions     
d750 Informal social relationships x   x  
d760 Family relationships x   x  
d770 Intimate relationships    x  
  Work and employment     
d845 Acquiring, keeping and terminating a job x   x x
d850 Remunerative employment    x x
d870 Economic self-sufficiency    x  
  Community, social and civic life     
d910 Community life x    
d920 Recreation and leisure x   x