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Table 4 Barriers regarding routine HRQoL assessment according to GPs (n = 17).

From: Feasibility and acceptance of electronic quality of life assessment in general practice: an implementation study

Category* Example Frequency**
Lack of practice or routine „There was a lack of routine or discipline – always to think about it" 13
Lack of time or resources "We have only one practice assistant and little free time" 13
Unfamiliar graphics „The results have to be intuitively interpretable at a glance so there is no need for the GP to explain it to the patient" 7
Acute reasons for consultation „I didn't do it if there was another reason for the consultation, e.g. athlete's foot." 6
Technical problems "There were sometimes problems concerning the wireless LAN" 6
Undefined consequences „I didn't know what I should do with the results" 3
Difficulties in understanding (elderly/foreign patients) "Foreign patients think that they don't understand it" 3
  1. * as defined according to the qualitative content analysis approach.
  2. ** number of GPs; mentions of several categories per GP possible