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Table 1 I_ctt items ordered by difficulty

From: Measuring the ICF components of impairment, activity limitation and participation restriction: an item analysis using classical test theory and item response theory

Item Origin Mean s.d.
I1. Does remaining standing for 30 minutes increase your pain? LEQUESNE 4.21 0.98
I2. What degree of difficulty do you have bending and rotating your affected joint? HARRIS 3.87 0.90
I3. How would you describe the pain you usually have from your joint? AIMS 3.86 0.66
I4. How often have you had severe pain from your arthritis? AIMS 3.74 0.90
I5. How active has your arthritis been? AIMS 3.74 0.83
I6. Have you been troubled by pain from your joint in bed at night? OXFORD 3.68 1.21
I7. How severe is your stiffness after first wakening in the morning? WOMAC 3.39 0.88
I8. How severe is your stiffness after sitting, lying or resting later in the day? WOMAC 3.26 0.80
I9. How long has your morning stiffness usually lasted from the time you wake up? AIMS 3.22 1.07
I10. Has pain from your joint kept you awake during your night-time sleep? STEERING GROUP 3.19 1.22
I11. Have you felt that your knee or hip might suddenly 'give way' or let you down? OXFORD 2.99 1.02
I12. How often have you had pain in two or more joints at the same time? AIMS 2.92 1.15
113. Have you had any sudden, severe pain – 'shooting', 'stabbing' or 'spasms' – from the affected joint? OXFORD 2.90 0.88
  1. Items in bold removed by CTT/IRT item analysis